Women in Nuclear

西屋Women In Nuclear (W-WIN)


西屋Women in Nuclear (W-WIN) is an association of Westinghouse Electric Company employees that:

  • Provides a network through which women working in the nuclear energy and other industries that use nuclear technology can further their professional development
  • Provides an organized association that provides the public with information about nuclear energy and nuclear technologies (medical uses, food irradiation, etc.)
  • Supports an environment in fields of nuclear energy and nuclear technologies in which both women and men can succeed


The goal of W-WIN is to objectively inform Westinghouse employees and the public about nuclear energy and radiation. This is accomplished by:

  • 继续支持全球,美国和区域职位
  • Providing communications channels between the W-WIN chapters, other WIN region chapters, customers, technical organizations, and professional organizations
  • Offering support to WIN members who are striving for professional excellence by providing formal and informal mentoring and coaching opportunities, making presentations on technical topics and updates, communicating items of interest to working women, and providing guidance on continuing educational opportunities
  • 与教育中心和社区组织合作,促进工程和核技术的职业


WiN Global, an organization of over 2,000 professional women and men in 60 countries, was established in 1993 by a small group of women working in a variety of nuclear fields in Europe and the U.S. They were, and remain, interested in sharing their knowledge about nuclear technologies with women who are concerned about nuclear applications. The 1999 WiN Global meeting in Washington D.C. attracted women and men from 43 U. S. organizations, including 27 electric utilities. From this meeting, the U.S. WIN group emerged. Since 1999, the National Conference has been held annually in such places as Atlanta, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Tampa, San Antonio, and Chicago.

In 2003, U.S. WIN broadened its sphere of influence by inviting college students with majors in the technical studies relative to nuclear/radiation technologies to attend the conference. The students met and talked with professionals who work in fields that many of them will probably consider after college. For most of the students, the meeting was an important first step in developing a network of professional contacts.

WIN Scholarship

通过其核武器(Win)的妇女匹兹堡章节,Westinghouse Electric Company为一名匹兹堡地区学校毕业的女高中毕业提供了一年一度的奖学金。候选人必须打算在认可的大学或大学的工程,数学或物理学中追求学士学位。2020年的春天是14thyear that Westinghouse WIN Pittsburgh has offered this scholarship.

The 2020 Westinghouse WIN Pittsburgh scholarship application is now closed and the winner has been notified. On behalf of Westinghouse WIN Pittsburgh, we wish the winner the best of luck in her future endeavors!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us atWINscholarship@westinghouse.com