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Westinghouse has qualified personnel and tooling for executing these multiple activities to the highest standards. Westinghouse can provide utilities with all of the services necessary to transfer commercial spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from spent fuel pools to a dry cask storage system. These services can include complete turnkey responsibility for a canister loading/transfer campaign, to niche services such as fuel-handling operations and canister-closure welding. This allows the utility to lower costs by offsetting increased short-term manpower and training costs for performing canister loading in house.


Westinghouse has extensive experience in all the fields required to properly handle spent fuel, including fuel design, fuel handling, waste management and plant design. We have the capabilities necessary to cover all processes involved in spent nuclear fuel handling, nuclear waste treatment, engineering and management. Westinghouse has extensive experience in the development, design and construction of facilities and equipment for spent fuel handling and intermediate wet or dry storage.

SENTRY™ Spent Fuel Storage Solution

Westinghouse开发了下一代花费燃料保障,采用哨兵花费燃料管理系统(SFMS)。188金宝搏是什么东西?哨兵利用两个先进的罐设计,具有专利待定的特征和创新的材料,以便在独立的花费燃料储存装置(ISFSI)的干燥储存中将所有花费核燃料(SNF)放置在最终核心卸载中的时间明显较短188金宝搏是什么东西?。最终核心燃料可以在植物188金宝搏是什么东西?关闭后的18个月或更小之后装载。This results in a significant reduction in schedule and ongoing “hotel” costs for maintaining the spent fuel pool safety systems, emergency planning, etc. The innovative design of SENTRY’s W37 high-capacity canister lowers the cost of canister fabrication, helping operating plant to recognize direct cost savings for those using dry storage to maintain their full core offload reserve in the spent fuel pool.

Terminator™ Canister Welding System