Improved Nuclear Power Plant Operations



  • 18-month fuel cycle for improved availability and reduced overall fuel cost
  • 显着降低维护,测试和检验要求和人员配置
  • Reduced radiation exposure, less plant waste
  • 93%可用性
  • Sixty-year design lifetime



变速屏蔽电机的反应堆冷却剂聚氨酯mps (RCPs) simplify plant startup and shutdown operations because they are capable, for example, of reducing RCP speed during plant cooldown and providing the capability to vary RCP speed to better control shutdown operating-mode transitions. The RCPs operate at constant speed during power operations, simplifying control actions during load shifts.




TheAP1000plant also incorporates radiation exposure reduction principles to keep worker dose as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). Exposure length, distance, shielding, and source reduction are fundamental criteria that are incorporated into the design with the result of:

  • Minimized operational releases
  • 工人辐射曝光大大减少了
  • Total radwaste volumes minimized through features such as no boron load follow, ion exchange rather than evaporation, segregation of wastes at the source, minimization of active components, and packaging in high-integrity containers
  • Other (non-radioactive) hazardous wastes minimized through such features as a simplified plant (e.g., elimination of many oil lubricated pumps), careful selection of processes (e.g., laboratory and turbine-side chemistry), and segregation of wastes

TheAP1000plant is designated for rated performance with up to 10 percent of the steam-generator tubes plugged and with a maximum hot-leg temperature of 321.1°C (610°F). The plant is designed to accept a step-load increase or decrease of 10 percent between 25 and 100 percent power without reactor trip or steam-dump system actuation, provided that the rated power level is not exceeded. Further, theAP1000plant is designed to accept a 100 percent load rejection from full power to house loads without a reactor trip or operation of the pressurizer or steam generator safety valves.

The AP1000®- 运营和维护(O&M)成本


That means that nuclear power production is less sensitive to changes in fuel costs than coal-fired plants where fuel costs can be more than 75 percent of the production cost. TheAP1000plant’s modern design will engender even less expensive production by requiring less manpower for O&M than current plants for many reasons, including:

  1. Less equipment and less safety-grade equipment to maintain and test
  2. 改进的设备,如主要系统罐头电机泵,可维护,不需要典型的轴密封冷却液泵的复杂密封系统
  3. 特征for faster head removal for refueling
  4. Less waste produced
  5. Improved protection from and fewer opportunities for radiation exposure (ALARA design)
  6. Online-diagnosing electronics
  7. A main control room featuring the latest human-interface design, needing only an operator and supervisor for normal operation