Small Modular Reactor

Small Modular Reactor by Westinghouse

The Westinghouse SMR is a >225 MWe integral pressurized water reactor with all primary components located inside the reactor vessel.

It utilizes passive safety systems and proven components - realized in the industry-leading AP1000® reactor design - to achieve the highest level of safety and reduce the number of components required. This approach will provide licensing, construction and operation certainty that no other SMR supplier can match.

The Westinghouse SMR offers:

  • Passive safety features designed to shut the plant down automatically and keep it cool without human intervention or AC power for seven days
  • Reduced fuel, resulting in reduced radioactivity amounts released in the case of an accident
  • Passive heat removal with on-site water inventory, which relies on the natural forces of evaporation, condensation and gravity
  • Underground containment
  • Innovative, integral design eliminates a number of accident scenarios
  • Improved energy security and reduction in the overall lifecycle carbon footprint when used to provide power for liquid transportation fuel from resources of oil sands, oil shale and coal-to-liquid applications

smr land figure

Innovative Load Following Capabilities

  • The SMR is capable of economically handling the unique challenges of providing baseload power on smaller grids and those with non-steady
    power sources
  • The SMR utilizes the Westinghouse mechanical shim (MSHIM™) operating strategy to follow grid changes
  • MSHIM allows easy transition between load follow and baseload operation with minimal operator interaction
  • Operational costs are lowered due to minimized chemistry change requirements
  • Daily load follow can be performed from 100% to 20% power at a rate of 5% change per minute; in continuous load follow, the plant can perform load changes of ±10% power at a rate of 2% per minute

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Westinghouse SMR Features at a Glance:

  • Electric Output: >225+ MWe
  • Reactor Power: 800 MWt
  • Design Life: 60 years
  • Fuel Type: 17x17 RFA, <5% enriched UO2
  • Total Site Area: ~15 acres
  • Passive Safety Systems
  • Rail, Truck or Barge Shippable
  • Compact Integral Design
  • Simplified System Configuration, Standardized, Fully Modular Approach
  • Minimized Footprint, Maximized Power Output
  • 24 Months between Refueling