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NSSS System/Component Analysis

48 Results
Hot Cell Facility and Laboratories
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CDM Diagnostic Test System
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Hot Functional Testing Chemistry Optimization
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Chemistry Analysis and Materials Characterization
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LOCA Safety Analysis Services
NS-ES-0003 Download PDF
Non-LOCA Safety Analysis Services
NS-ES-0004 Download PDF
AirCEt 5000 Air-operated Valve Diagnostic Testing System
NS-ES-0005 Download PDF
Aging Management and License Renewal Support Services
NS-ES-0011 Download PDF
EnergiTools Performance and Diagnosis Tools for Finding Lost Megawatts
NS-ES-0017 Download PDF
Non-LOCA Technology Transfer
NS-ES-0023 Download PDF
Net Heat Input Evaluation
NS-ES-0027 Download PDF
10CFR50.69 Risk Informed Operations, Delivering the Nuclear Promise
NS-ES-0032 Download PDF
Reactor Coolant Vacuum Refill System
NS-ES-0034 Download PDF
汽通用电气nerator Scale Profiling
NS-ES-0049 Download PDF
Chemistry Services
NS-ES-0052 Download PDF
Ex-vessel Neutron Dosimetry Program
NS-ES-0054 Download PDF
Acceptable Baffle-former Bolt Pattern Analysis for Reactor Internals Evaluation
NS-ES-0058 Download PDF
Flaw Evaluation Handbook
NS-ES-0062 Download PDF
Reactor Vessel Surveillance Capsule Evaluation and Fabrication Programs
NS-ES-0066 Download PDF
WESTEMS™ Integrated Diagnostics and Monitoring Systems
NS-ES-0078 Download PDF
Increased Letdown/Purification Flow for Shutdown Optimization
NS-ES-0086 Download PDF
Zinc Addition
NS-ES-0089 Download PDF
RadTrack™ Automated System for Radiation Analysis of the Reactor Environment
NS-ES-0098 Download PDF
License Renewal Implementation
NS-ES-0114 Download PDF
Ultrasonic Level Measurement System (ULMS)
NS-ES-0117 Download PDF
Gas Voids
NS-ES-0166 Download PDF
CE Nuclear Transient Simulator (CENTS)
NS-ES-0167 Download PDF
Enhanced BWR Engineering Services: Steam Dryer Acoustic Technology
NS-ES-0170 Download PDF
Talent Sharing
NS-ES-0188 Download PDF
NS-ES-0209 Download PDF
Integrated Hydrogen Control Solutions for Severe Accidents Using Passive Autocatalytic Recombiners
NS-ES-0217 Download PDF
Modular Accident Response System
NS-ES-0218 Download PDF
Auxiliary Feedwater System and Turbine/Pump Upgrades for Pressurized Water Reactors
NS-ES-0220 Download PDF
RELAP5 Analysis Services
NS-ES-0224 Download PDF
Integrated Hydrogen Monitoring Solutions for Severe Accidents
NS-ES-0229 Download PDF
PWR Reactor Internals Aging Management Pre-inspection Engineering Package
NS-ES-0230 Download PDF
Machine Shop Capabilities
NS-ES-0233 Download PDF
FLEX Implementation
NS-ES-0237 Download PDF
Radiation Engineering and Analysis
NS-ES-0238 Download PDF
Westinghouse Mechanical Testing
NS-ES-0242 Download PDF
NS-ES-0243 Download PDF
Valve Program Management
NS-ES-0245 Download PDF
Interactive Work Management System
NS-ES-0275 Download PDF
NS-ES-0276 Download PDF
汽通用电气nerator Snubber Elimination
NS-ES-0289 Download PDF
Baffle-Former Bolt Probabilistic Prediction Service
NS-ES-0291 Download PDF
GOTHIC Analysis Capabilities
NS-ES-0298 Download PDF
Fuel Identification System
NS-FS-0078 Download PDF