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As industry needs evolve, nuclear fuel providers are being called upon to deliver more without compromising safety or reliability.

The ability to innovate in the nuclear industry is more critical than ever, as the landscape in which we operate continues to shift more rapidly each day. Today’s utilities require the lowest fuel cycle costs possible, increased operational flexibility, higher burnup capability to generate more power with fewer bundles, diversity of supply, accident-tolerant products that provide resilience and survivability, in addition to robust and leak-free fuel performance.

To meet these challenges Westinghouse is developing advanced technologies, practices and manufacturing methods that enhance our ability to produce and service nuclear fuel and provide greater insight into core performance.


Westinghouse的Encore燃料计188金宝搏是什么东西?划是以在战略时间线上开发和部署的高性能特征为中心的,因此公用设施可以快速获得安全性和成本效益。188金博下载我们已经开始具有改进的铬涂层包层,抑制锆 - 蒸汽反应,并通过另外的300℃增加最大温度。这种包层已应用于加载我们的采用™燃料颗粒的铅测试棒(LTR) - 一种提高密度的成熟设计,允许更多的铀燃烧,并在欧洲推动了10年的BWR。188金宝搏是什么东西?这些LTR在2019年春天插入Exelon的拜伦单元2。

我们还在开发先进的燃料杆材料,例如碳化硅包层,其具有极高的熔点和188金宝搏是什么东西?与水和蒸汽的最小反应。Encore 188金宝搏是什么东西?Fuel的长期产品组合还包括氮化物颗粒,其在UO 2上提供40%的铀浓度(相当于7%U235富集),以及显着改善的热性能,具有转化为更高的安全性和经济效益。188金博下载


通过我们的Triton11 BWR燃料,公用188金宝搏是什么东西?设施可以将燃料循环成本降低至每周期高达400万美元,同时增加容量因素。我们的创新,最佳的Triton11设计可以通过现有11x11或10x10 BWR燃料设计来提高核和热液压性能。188金宝搏是什么东西?具有抗扭的燃料通道,耐碎屑过滤器和抵抗碎片捕获的先进套筒188金宝搏是什么东西?型间隔网。

Reduced fuel cycle costs while maintaining high-quality performance are achieved by:

  • 通过更好的热边缘更有效地使用铀
  • 装满了较少的新鲜装配
  • 增加操作flexibility
  • Improved debris resistance


AXIOM™ Fuel Rod Cladding

AXIOM™ is Westinghouse’s next generation of fuel rod cladding targeting high fuel duties, improved corrosion resistance, lower hydrogen pick-up and lower creep and growth when compared to current Westinghouse products.


  • 尺寸稳定性,较低的氢拾取器和高燃烧下的腐蚀
  • Greater flexibility for coolant chemistry changes
  • Lower creep rate delays pellet-clad contact resulting in Pellet Clad Interaction (PCI) margin increase
  • 增加裕量为50.46(c)规则变更
  • Increased thermal margin at higher boiling duties
  • 由于氧化物层还原导致导热率降解(TCD),恢复一些损失余量

PRIME™ Fuel Advanced Features

Westinghouse’s PRIME™ advanced fuel features help to improve fuel performance, enhance fuel reliability, enable enhanced fuel cycle economics and provide additional margin at uprated conditions and higher burnup. The package of features includes an optimization of enhancements based on proven Westinghouse fuel reliability and world-class leadership in the design and manufacture of nuclear fuel.

PRIME Key Features:

  • Low Tin ZIRLO™ mid grids and intermediate flow mixing grids
  • 引导顶针管中的加固DASHPOT
  • PRIME Bottom Nozzle with innovative debris filter side skirt


Westinghouse developed Advanced Doped Pellet Technology (ADOPT) fuel to improve fuel cycle economics and enhance the accident tolerance of conventional uranium dioxide (UO2) fuel pellets.


后果ADOPTfuel’s enlarged grain size and increased density, key benefits include:

  • Increased density of fissile material
  • Enables higher burnups
  • 下瞬态裂变气体释放(FGR)
  • 较高的热稳定性
  • Increased Pellet Clad Interaction (PCI) margins
  • 增强腐蚀和冲洗抗性