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A world leader in the PWR nuclear fuel market with innovative designs and technology to support a changing market.


西屋是世界的领导者delivering Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) nuclear fuel.  Multiple fuel lattice designs continue to be delivered to Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering (CE) plants with unmatched global experience for decades. Our robust fuel designs incorporate a variety of proven and advanced fuel features as part of the fuel assembly structure, and fuel rods that have consistently demonstrated unrivaled performance. These components enable operating plants to customize designs to optimize fuel cycles based on utility-specific requirements. Fuel assemblies are fabricated in locations around the world to satisfy global demand and bolster security of supply for customers.

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Westinghouse offers a wide array of PWR core components for the CE- (14x14 and 16x16) and Westinghouse Nuclear Steam Supply System (W-NSSS) (14x14, 15x15, 16x16 and 17x17) markets. The products are designed to deliver customer value and enhance operational flexibility. Decades of experience have gone into developing designs that provide excellent performance.

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Westinghouse offers a variety of burnable absorber products for PWR fuel that lead the industry in delivering operating cycle economic value. Burnable absorbers enable targeted reactivity suppression early in fuel cycles to improve design and operational margins while maximizing fuel cycle economics. Our solutions lead the market in the ability for the utility to optimize cycles that are annual, 18-month, 24-month, or any desired cycle length.

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Westinghouse Fuel Engineering Services include a robust set of tools that are integrated into the licensed methodologies to effectively deliver products and services to our PWR customers. Services includes nuclear, mechanical, thermal-hydraulic and fuel rod design for fuel products worldwide.

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Westinghouse is a global leader for safety analysis products and services support for W-NSSS PWRs. Services include licensing basis analyses, fuel transition, staff augmentation, non-standard analyses and technology transfer.

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