Operating Plants

Electrical Systems

西屋provides a variety of solutions to support operating nuclear power plant electrical systems, including repair and refurbishment, replacement components, modernization and new systems.

Westinghouse为核电厂断路器和电气系统提供全系列的更换部件。作为Westinghouse和燃烧工程电气系统的OEM(CE)NSSS设计世界各地的大部分核电站,Westinghouse是独特的,以提供高质量的更换组件,过时的解决方案和设备升级,以支持植物生命延长。Westinghouse是一种行业专家,为所有设计的设计设备提供全方位服务,包括DB,DS,DH和DHP断路器和部件,模压盒断路器(MCCB),所有MCC组件,保险丝,交换机等。此外,我们还利用我们的经验为非打击室OEM设备提供更换组件和升级,例如用于ABB,GE和ITE的真空替代断路器,更换MCC桶,用于GE,ITE,Klockner Moeller等许多其他非Westinghouse电气元件和系统。

We also take advantage of our extensive machine shop capabilities and strategic partnerships to offer options to extend the life of electrical systems in order to minimize obsolescence risks. Whether it is a replacement component, upgrade or new line-up of switchgear, we ensure that the equipment meets the original system requirements, qualifications and the licensing basis in order to minimize impact.

Offering a full line of non-safety and 1E-qualified equipment, Westinghouse will meet your requirements for complete replacement of existing systems, MV switchgear, LV switchgear, motor control centers, panelboards, switchboards and other distribution control and control assemblies.